Waist training is one of those seemingly eternal crazes that never seem to go away. From renowned TV shows to Instagram profiles and celebrities, we see it everywhere. As is always the case , regular folk start getting in on it too. It's the law of the land, whenever something gets popular, more and more people want to try it. But not everything that's popular is beneficial. Waist training is one good example. It's easy, and it doesn't require much work. That's why it gained so much popularity over the years. Wanting to cut back on the sight of belly fat, people resort to it. In most cases, this isn't a calculated move, but more of a desperate decision. Most people don't recognize the numerous hazards of the trend.

It can cause heartburn

Tricking your waist into becoming smaller can backfire, too. If you fit it too tight, you can disrupt your diaphragm and esophagus. Too much strain in these parts can be a chief cause of heartburn and discomfort. This usually happens because of an overly tight waist trainer. When picking your waist trainer, it's important to get it fitted. The best way to find your measurements is to have it done professionally. Some boutiques specialize in fitting women for intimate apparel. There, you will be sure that the size fits and that you won't suffer because of it.

benefits of using a waist trainer


It boosts self-esteem

Many of us lose the point of working out. It's not all about immediate results; sometimes the journey teaches us a lot. Well, immediate results are not always bad. They cover a crucial part of our process - self-esteem. Waist training does that very well and can motivate you into working out harder. This is why such a small result can better. Many women stop using waist trainers completely, to work out naturally. Such decisions are always good because good old exercise will always be the best.

self esteem waist training


Your things and buttocks will look bigger

That's the whole point of having a thin waist. Guys with narrow waists seem like they have wider shoulders. Girls use waist training with squats to create a better proportion. The bigger the thighs, the smaller the waist is. The smaller the waist, the bigger the thighs are. Such a combination can create wonders for you. It's best to be a bit conservative with waist training and focus more on exercise. Such a combination is healthier and can yield the same results. And the best part? Your thighs will actually be bigger. It won't be an optical illusion.

waist training benefits


Fitness waist clinchers may be of help

These special waist trainers can be a healthy solution to your waist size problem. You can wear them while you work out and you will feel the benefits. How do they work exactly? Well, they pressure your stomach and cause you to lose water weight while working out. They don't affect the fat that much. Besides, that's why you work out. You shouldn't keep them on for too long. If worn while sweaty, they can cause nasty acne and rashes. Such things are a no-no, so clinch responsibly.

waist clinchers


It messes up your breathing

Tight waist trainers directly restrict your airflow. Such things can be hazardous if you experience them during a workout. Only light waist suspension should be worn. This is especially important when you do something that requires deep breaths. Overly tight waist trainers may lead to dizziness due to a lack of air. This can be dangerous if you're lifting or jogging. Keep it off and focus on your exercising. Feel the power flow through your body and relax. Sweating the fat out will keep it away for good. Waist training should only be used as a supportive measure to an already good regime and diet.

waist training pros and cons


Waist training may reduce uterus swelling after birth

For all new mommies, this might the news that you were waiting for. After giving birth, the belly will take some time to reduce the excess skin. Such amounts of flabby skin may make you feel uncomfortable. With waist trainers, you might be able to get back to your pre-baby tummy. All it takes is some responsible action. You shouldn't wear it more than three hours, especially not during physical activity.

waist train uterus


You should avoid it if you have blood pressure problems

The most important thing to know about waist training is that it restricts blood flow. Corsets and similar apparel can really affect your blood pressure. If you've ever had problems before, they may become even worse with waist training. Existing problems with your heart may also spiral out of control. If you want to begin your waist training, consult with a doctor first. It's best to know all the risks and hazards of adding such a device to your life.

blood pressure waist training


Going to the bathroom will be much more often

One of the biggest downsides to wearing a waist trainer is having to urinate much more often. Because the waist is growing thinner and thinner, you will feel more pressure on your bladder. Your abdomen can only house so many organs. If you tighten your waist trainer too much, your bladder might suffer. There won't be enough room for your bladder to fill up and you will feel uneasy.

urination waist training


Weakens core muscles

Core muscles are used to hold you up straight. Waist training removes the need for that, and your abdominal muscles will stagnate. Because the waist trainer will do the heavy lifting, they will grow weaker and weaker. Having healthy core muscles is essential for a functioning body. If you neglect them, you may face serious health problems. Weak core muscles can cause balance issues, intestinal problems and much more. Training your core will positively affect your entire body. No waist size reduction is worth jeopardizing your health for.

core muscles waist training


Helps you eat less

Just like the waist trainer restricts your bladder, it can also do the same to your stomach. It tightens the space in your abdomen and makes you have less of an appetite. You will still feel the hunger, but won't be able to eat. It can mess with your well-being and put your health at risk.

waist training stomach issues


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