Allergies can strike anytime, and anywhere. They're one of the most common ailments, affecting millions of people each year. There are many causes of allergies, including organic and inorganic matter. Allergies develop as a result of a hypersensitive reaction by your immune system to a foreign substance, causing a range of symptoms to appear. While most allergic reactions are not severe, some people may develop life-threatening complications. Contact your doctor if you suspect being allergic to something. Find out ten causes of allergies.


1. Latex

Latex allergies are among the most common types of allergies in the Western world. This kind of allergy usually develops as a reaction to previous exposures to latex. People who suffer from latex allergy are likely to experience itching, swelling, and hives in the area exposed to the material. In more severe cases, it can cause wheezing, difficulty breathing, as well as a headache. Depending on the sensitivity level, symptoms may develop a few minutes after exposure, and up to an hour afterward. Luckily, latex-free products can easily be found in most supermarkets.

latex allergies

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