Norovirus - commonly referred to as the winter vomiting bug - is one of the most common causes of gastroenteritis, affecting people of all ages. Additionally, norovirus is typically the causative agent of sickness on cruise ships. Norovirus is notorious for its highly contagious nature, and it can spread in many different ways. Once infection occurs, symptoms show up relatively fast, but they only last for a few days. If symptoms don't disappear within three days, you should contact your doctor.


1. Contact with an Infected Person

One of the most common sources of infection is contact with infected patients, as norovirus is easily transmitted to individuals around them. That's why if you become infected, you should abstain from cooking or taking care of other people for at least two to three days or until symptoms improve. Moreover, you should actively wash your hands, and avoid contact with others. Laundry should also be washed thoroughly to prevent the spread of this virus. Look out for any symptoms that may indicate infection, including an upset stomach as well as a low-grade fever.

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