SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and is also known in places around the world as Cot Death. SIDS is when a baby under 12 months dies in their sleep, with no warning or reason. As SIDS can be a mystery, there is no cure. It is not a disease but a complex prognosis of which parents can help prevent by following some guidelines to make baby's sleep state more safe and comfortable.


1. Baby sleeps on their back

When a baby sleeps on their back, it is the safest position possible to prevent SIDS. This is especially relevant for the first six months or so when the baby cannot roll over on their own. After this point, if they choose to roll over to find a more comfortable position then you may just have to let them do it. But for the first stages, back is best. If you lay a child down on their front, or even in some cases, on the side, and they are unable to roll over on their own. They may risk smothering or suffocation especially if they are not used to being anywhere but on their back.


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