Sever's disease causes pain in the heel to children in the pre-adolescent and early adolescent age groups. A child's heel bone is not yet fully developed, and that makes it susceptible to this kind of inflammation. As a rule, children who are very active in sport are the most likely to be affected. Although this condition appears in the diseases category, in this case, its categorization gives no cause for concern. Initially, the condition can be excruciating, and this might require medical attention, but it does no lasting damage and goes away in a relatively short time. The scientific name for Sever's disease is calcaneal apophysitis.


1. Who are the most prone to get this disease?

If you look at a typical Sever's disease patient profile, you find a boy aged between eight and fourteen who loves playing football or some other sport that requires a great deal of footwork. Girls are less likely to get this disease. Kids that do a lot of running and jumping regularly put their heels under intense pressures. Since their bodies are still developing, all of this wear and tear might lead to an inflammation of the part of the heel bone that needs to grow. Doctors call this area of the heel the growth plate.


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