If acne-ridden skin is the bane of your existence, you’re probably looking for ways and means to stem those nasty breakouts. What a lot of people do not know is that one’s lifestyle and daily habits can affect the skin to a very great extent. Thus, just by making a few changes to your skincare regime may lead to lesser acne-woes and improved, clear skin. However, keep in mind that these tips will be of help only if followed religiously; after all, stemming pimple appearance naturally is no easy task. So try out these little tips and tricks and pave your way to healthier skin.

Keep Your Face Clean

One should have a clear rule in life – to wash their face twice a day! Most people just don’t wash their face enough, which is why they get acne breakouts. Dr. Gref says, ‘Wash your face twice a day, no exceptions.’

Cleansing is one of the most significant steps of any skin care regimen. Even if you are not suffering from acne, washing your face at least two times in a day is a must. It can help remove dirt and dead skin cells, thereby offering you a fresh and gentle skin. While washing your face, the water should not be too hot. Also, the cleanser should be as per your skin type.



Always Use Acne<-Friendly Makeup

Careful cosmetic sleuthing is essential for all those who have a fear for developing acne. As the makeup you apply on your skin has a major impact on the overall health of the skin, it is important to be wary of the products you use. The irony is that the products you invest money in for looking good actually have the potential to clog the skin pores and encourage pimples.

If you are susceptible to breakouts, choose skin-care products that read “non-comedogenic” on the label. Such products are particularly designed to avoid clogging of your pores. So no clogging of pores means no acne breakouts. Say ‘no’ to greasy products that contain cocoa butter or ingredients that may spur pimples.



Watch Out For Your Shampoo

One of the major reasons why most men and women get breakouts is due to their shampoos. Yes! Shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals and fragrances that can inflame the skin and cause breakouts. If this is what is happening with you, discontinue using your shampoo and use the one that is natural. A non-fragrance shampoo should be used to wash your head before you wash your face. Lightweight wash, without any oils or chemicals prevents breakouts. Just ensure that once you are done washing your head, wash your face properly to remove any shampoo or conditioner residue.



Avoid Too Much Exposure To The Sun

A little bit of sun is good for skin; it reduces breakouts. But too much of sun exposure can irritate the skin and prompt a breakout. All those planning a beach holiday should not forget to pack up their sunscreens and moisturizers – these will hydrate the skin and protect it from the harmful sun rays.

Make sure you pick a lightweight sunscreen and moisturizer that suits your skin type. Choose “face” specific sunscreens as they will be free from chemicals and oils, which may clog the pores and result in breakouts. What you need to know is that when you apply greasy or heavy products and sweat, it results in trapping of oil and dirt under the skin, thereby blocking the pores and causing acne.



Exercise Regularly

Stress is known to be one of the major triggers of acne, therefore regular exercising is important for those who wish to prevent breakouts. Exercise will not just keep you hale and hearty but it will even lessen the chances of a breakout. As a person works out, more blood gets pumped within the body, which in turn makes the skin healthy looking. Besides, you also sweat a lot while working out, which means you release chemicals and dirt from your skin. All this contributes to an acne-free skin. Additionally, you may also want to drink more water as it also prevents clogging of pores.



Eat Healthy

After years of inconclusive evidence, it has been established that diet indeed plays a significant role in whether you get acne or not (its severity as well). A diet rich in lean proteins, grains, veggies, nuts, fruits, seeds, healthy fats, and whole wheat will help combat acne effectively. Reducing intake of diary items and unhealthy junk food such as fries, chocolates, sodas, pizzas, and burgers can benefit your skin and reduce skin problems to a greater extent.



Change Your Pillow Cover Timely

Pillow covers can be the reason for acne mechanica. It is a kind of acne that occurs on getting in touch with anything that transfers dirt or oil. Now this doesn’t mean that a particular kind of pillowcase will be responsible for a breakout; in fact the things lurking on the covers could be the reason for your acne. Not everyone is going to suffer from a breakout because of their pillow covers. But the ones who are prone to breakouts can exacerbate the chances.



Watch Out For Your Hands!

Throughout the day, we touch numerous things, which leave our hands dirty. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our hands are the breeding grounds for bacteria. So, if you want to minimize bacteria transmission, you must not touch your face again and again. Touching and popping pimples is the worst thing to do; it is going to accentuate the condition. As the bacteria can spread on constant touching, it can result in more pimples, which no one wants.



Keep Your Phone Clean

Pressing your cheek against your phone can aggravate acne. Excessive use of phones these days results in dirt from the filthy hands getting stuck on the phones. When the dirt comes in contact with a person’s chin or cheeks, it causes breakouts.

In a lot of cases, when a person is wearing makeup, it might get transferred onto the phone, which may further trigger breakouts. It is, therefore, important to clean your phone each time, you press it against the cheek.




It is easy to keep acne breakouts at bay by properly moisturizing your skin. Usually acne is caused by substances which dry down the skin; therefore it is best to moisturize your skin from time to time to prevent breakouts. Daily moisturizing is important for eliminating acne and getting rid of excess dirt and oil. So, each time you wash your face, make sure you moisturize it well. Preferably, use a light moisturizer that may contain hyaluronic acid. The cream will lock down the moisture in the skin and prevent flaking.



Look At Your Laundry Detergent

Just like shampoos, a major culprit of breakouts can be laundry detergents. In case you have been experiencing numerous breakouts lately, it might be because of the ingredients present in the detergents. A lot of soaps and detergents contain harmful fragrances and harsh chemicals which can inflame the skin. And the worst part is that you might not even be washing away the laundry detergent residue, particularly when not using warm water.



Don’t Use Too Much Makeup

Well, this can be extremely hard for most of the girls to give up, but one can surely try to lighten up on the makeup. The ingredients present in makeup products can affect the skin badly. As it comes in touch with your skin, breakouts are bound to happen. If you just can’t do without makeup, then prefer wearing a liquid foundation on an all-natural moisturizer. Go makeup free whenever possible as you must allow your pores to breathe easily for some time.



Do Everything That Makes You Happy

Staying happy and peaceful can help keep away acne breakouts. As discussed already, stress is one of the worst triggers of acne, so all those trying to avoid breakouts should try and stay calm as much as possible. In most cases, stress doesn’t trigger a breakout, in fact it exacerbates an already existing condition.



Quit Smoking And Drinking

For smokers and drinkers, this is a motivating reason to quit smoking and drinking respectively, since they both can trigger breakouts. What smoking and drinking does is, dehydrate your body, thereby making it susceptible to acne. Additionally, the smoke leaves dirt and oil on the face each time it comes closer to the skin, which causes clogging of pores. If you are successful in eliminating these dirty habits from your every day schedule, you will see a visible difference in your breakouts.



Sleep On Your Back

Another easy method to keep away breakouts is by sleeping on your back. When you will be sleeping on your back, your face won’t touch the pillow case. It will remain free from oil, dirt, and debris present on the cover. And if you will sleep on the stomach, there is no way that your face won’t press against the pillow cover, so skin irritation is likely to occur.



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