Having acne, and particularly facial acne, can be very frustrating; it takes away from your appearance alongside making you conscious and miserable. While there are various medical and cosmetic means of treating acne-prone skin, not everyone is comfortable with taking these measures for improving their skin. If you have such nature of inhibitions as well, home treatments for acne would be a better option instead. Not only are they less invasive and safer, they are easier on the pocket as well. Many individuals swear by these home remedies and thus, here is a list of DIY acne treatments that you can try as well.


1. Try Some Healing Masks

Dealing with acne is hard; but acne sufferers can heal their skin and hydrate it well using a healing mask. Two of the most common healing masks to try for acne treatment are yogurt honey mask and cinnamon honey mask. Prepare yogurt and honey mask by mixing 1tbsp of raw honey in 1tbsp of yogurt. Smoothly apply this mixture to your face, taking care of acne prone areas. After 10 minutes, wipe it off using a damp cloth. You can also opt for cinnamon and yogurt mask by adding 2tsp of raw honey in 1/2tsp cinnamon. Also, add 1tsp of coconut oil and apply it over the face. Keep it for 5-10 minutes and remove it gently.


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