A man cave is the ultimate realization of the dream of having a personalized, comfortable space of your own. The entire room is a space where a man can truly feel at ease and surrounded by his hobbies, passions, and interests. By harnessing a few key points of advice, you can create a man cave that will remain fresh and interesting for years to come.


1. Proper lighting goes a long way

As any designer can attest, great lighting can take a space from drab and boring to cozy and welcoming. Think about what you want your lighting to accomplish and what pieces you need to accentuate. For basements or darker spaces, the glow of cove or valance lights are best for general lighting. For a creative glow that opens and brightens dark spaces, install a lighting strip behind furniture. This has the bonus effect of transforming your furniture into a unique accent piece. Including small lights like lamps or candles gives you the option of turning down a room’s brightness for a more relaxing space.


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