Anywhere you go there's a possibility of danger, the threat of violence, but if you're respectful, practice common sense, and do your best to stay out of trouble; then you're less likely to be the victim of a crime. Best to do your homework before buying a plane ticket. Good luck!


1. Los Cabos, Mexico

Mexico gets a pretty bad rap these days. The drug cartels are in control of the country and dominate several of the states of Mexico, including the Pacific parts of Michoacan, Colima, Guerrero, and Sinaloa. A few years ago the U.S. State Department placed these areas in the same danger category as worn torn Syria. In 2018, the warning reduced to a Level Two Travel Advisory which urges citizens to use increased caution.   Los Cabos is the murder capital of the world. More people meet a violent end here than anywhere else on earth. The area averages one million foreign visitors a year, but these travelers probably stick to their resorts. Recently, six men were found hanging from three different bridges in the Los Cabos region. Authorities found a mass grave of 14 people near the city. Many blame the rise of drug cartels.

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