Sedona, Arizona has a reputation for enchanting, almost other-worldly scenery. Its red rock formations and distinctive landscape make it a popular Southwestern destination. Aside from the city’s incredible natural landscapes, it’s also rich in culture and ambience. If you’re traveling to Arizona, there are multiple reasons why you should take time to explore this dazzling Arizona city that just under a two-hour drive from the Grand Canyon heading south toward Phoenix. The following are Sedona’s must-see attractions.


1. Chapel of the Holy Cross

Built into red rock buttes, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is one of Sedona’s most famous landmarks. This Roman Catholic chapel was constructed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, who happened to be a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. The result is a unique structure that appears to blend quite seamlessly into its natural landscape. Located off Highway 179, this attraction is regarded as one of the state’s seven man-made wonders.

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