You don’t need to love country music to love Tennessee. In fact, it is home to several other genres of music. You don’t need to like those either, though. Tennessee is more than just the home of country, soul, blues, Southern gospel, bluegrass and rockabilly music. The landscape in Tennessee is absolutely incredible. The state’s history is fascinating. The different ways to find adventure and excitement are limitless. No, you don’t need to love music to love Tennessee. You just need to love having fun!


1. Great Smokey Mountains

Some of the United States’ most incredible scenery is in Tennessee. It is home to the Great Smokey Mountains. The park there is the most visited park in the country. In it, you will find over 1,500 different plant varieties. Black bears, deer, and other wild animals are everywhere. Also, there are many historic remains that reflect life in the 18th and 19th centuries. Included in these are churches, log houses, barns, and even a working grist mill. Hike, bike, camp and explore the Great Smokey Mountains on your Tennessee trip.

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