Branson is a lively little city nestled in the heart of the picture-perfect Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri. An easy get by car, it’s just one day’s drive from most locations in Middle America, and there are plenty of options for flights in and out of its two commercial airports: Branson Airport and Branson National Airport. Boasting both indoor and outdoor adventure parks, any kind of shopping you can imagine, tours by boat and train, great food and drink, and best of all, friendly people, there are plenty of reasons to visit Branson in your lifetime.


1. Savor a grandmother’s cinnamon rolls

Want a sweet way to start your day? Well, it doesn’t get any sweeter than having a grandma make you homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch. Yes, the popular Branson bakery’s namesake, Grandma Ruth, still comes in to make the pastries sometimes, but the recipe itself has been passed down in the Ruth Strauss Grueneich family for generations. Grandma Ruth's Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls is open every day of the week except for Sunday, so make sure to stop in some lovin’ from the oven.

Cinnamon rolls Jennifer_Sharp / Getty Images

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