You’ve dreamed about your Hawaiian vacation for months, and the time has come to wing 2,500 miles across the Pacific. If you’re visiting Hawaii in April, May, September or October, expect to experience the best weather, fewer crowds, and fair rates. Leave your mainland stress and time-crunch persona behind. Relax and plan on making the most of time spent in the warm sunshine and wild beauty found in the Hawaiian Islands. Take care, however, to avoid mistakes that can spoil your overall experience.


1. Do Not Forget Essentials

Bring along your swimsuit, beach towel, gym or walking shoes, sunglasses and a hat. Help preserve Hawaii’s oceans and marine life by using a reef-safe sunscreen. This sunscreen not only helps prevent dangerous sunburns and the risk of cancer for you, but it also helps protect aquatic life. And don’t forget to bring cash. Major banks are scarce, and ATM fees add up. Life in Hawaii is expensive for locals and those in the service industry, such as servers, hotel bells, valet staff, and tour guides, rely on tips, so cash on hand is a must.

Hawaii sunset beach BraunS / Getty Images

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