After some debate, you’ve decided your next family vacation will be to The Lone Star State. It’s a good choice. Texas is a great big state that is often referred to as the “Heart of America.” Not only is this due to its size or even its heart-like shape, but also to its people. Texans are incredibly hospitable, and you shouldn’t be surprised if your heart flutters now and then at the tip of a cowboy hat. However, there are certain things you should never do in Texas as a tourist. At least, not if y’all want to stand out.


1. Don’t be shocked by the politeness

In Texas, it’s extremely common to wave at people you know and at strangers. If you’re receptive to the warmth of Texans and offer a smile, or a hello in return, your vacation will be made infinitely better. For a while, you can be one with them, and pretty soon, you might even find that kind of politeness becoming second nature.

Hundley_Photography / Getty Images

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