The Lone Star State is our nation’s second biggest, bigger than Germany and France. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that there’s more to America’s heartland than big towns and bright lights. Cities like Austin and Dallas are worth a visit, but have you ever thought of venturing outside of them? There’s a smattering of small Texas towns, some with as little as 200 residents, and many of them are stunningly beautiful. For a real Texan adventure, we recommend having at least one of them on your bucket list. Saddle up, folks. Y’all’s minds are fixin’ to be blown.


1. Marfa

The small desert city of Marfa gives Austin a run for its money in the artistic department. Marfa is an arts hub, and it's one that's filled with natural and preternatural glory. One of the most talked about things in Marfa is its lone Prada store that's never been open for business. However, the city has far more to it including Hotel Paisano, where James Dean, Liz Taylor, and Rock Hudson stayed while filming Giant. Possibly the greatest offering, though, is the desert lights. Glowing orbs show up in the desert off of Highway 67. Known as the Marfa Lights, nobody really knows what they are.

The Prada Marfa store sits alone at dawn in the middle of the desert

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