Tours are evolving. A tour used to mean a big group of tourists following a guide around cities and towns, and maybe there would be a bus involved. Sure, those tours are still out there. Traditional tours can still be a good way to see the sights, but travelers are turning to non-traditional tours in increasing numbers. Food tours, brewery tours, ghost tours, voodoo tours, wine tours, you name it, there's a tour in the USA for that. Some tours are even self-guided, so you'll save money on a tour guide.


1. Boston's Freedom Trail

Follow the brick path of Boston's Freedom Trail, with or without a tour guide. The great thing about the Freedom Trail is it's marked on the sidewalk, and all of the 16 historic buildings and monuments have signs explaining their significance. That means visitors don't need a guide to get a feel for Boston's revolutionary history. Whether you go with a formal tour or not, be sure to grab a cannoli at Mike's Pastries in the North End, it's a local favorite.

Benjamin Franklin Statue at Old City Hall - Boston, Massachusetts, USA diegograndi / Getty Images

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