Los Angeles has earned its spot as one of the most glamorous cities in the United States. From the rolling estates of Beverly Hills to the high-end boutiques dotting Rodeo Drive, there won't be a dull moment on your trip to the City of Angels. Los Angeles' Hollywood is at the forefront of film and television production, and the city has the highest concentration of celebrities in the world. That means you may even spot a star as you dine at one of the chic restaurants in the Grove.


1. Stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Aside from the grand Hollywood sign on the hills of Los Angeles, perhaps one of the most iconic images of the city is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The street is lined with over 2,600 five-point terrazzo and brass stars acting as monuments to the entertainment industry. It is estimated that over 10 million tourists visit this spot each year. Also be sure to check out the TCL Chinese Theatre nearby, which plays IMAX movies daily.


Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images



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