Waco barely makes the list of top-25 cities in Texas population-wise. Still, it offers visitors to this city of 130,000 a lot. Waco offers a number of indoor and outdoor attractions to visitors from the Dr. Pepper museum to a number of unique parks, museums and nature reserves peppered about the city. This Texas city is as welcoming as it is beautiful and underrated in the grand scheme of things.


1. The Dr. Pepper Museum

Dr. Pepper's history predated that of Coca-Cola when Dr. Pemberton made the world's most iconic soft drink for the first time. Between 1906 and the mid-1960s the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company used the building that now houses the three-story museum. Memorabilia abounds through the museum, and the gift shop allows you the opportunity to bring home a piece of this soft drink stalwart's history.

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