A popular theme park located outside of Atlanta, Six Flags Over Georgia is a testament to amusement park fun. The park is situated on 290 acres and features a myriad of rides and attractions. Six Flags Over Georgia takes inspiration for its thematic attractions from well-known franchises like Looney Tunes and DC Comics. Famous characters like Batman, Yosemite Sam, Wonder Woman, and Daffy Duck lend their likeness to many of the park’s rides, games, and entertainment venues. With attractions designed for both children and adults, the park welcomes thousands of guests each year.


1. Batman: The Ride

Six Flags Over Georgia bills Batman: The Ride as one of its flagship thrills. This roller coaster zooms through corkscrews and drops at about 50 miles per hour. Fans of the DC comic hero will recognize features of the roller coaster that are inspired by Gotham City, Wayne Industries, and the Bat Cave. Bats aside, the ride’s gravity-defying loops and turns invariably have riders feeling butterflies from start to finish.

what to ride at Six Flags Over Georgia chaimdan / Getty Images

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