The official nickname of Minnesota is the North Star State in part because it is home to the northernmost spot in the continental US. There is a lot to love about Minnesota, including a myriad of opportunities to spend time outdoors. Yes, there are plenty of gorgeous parks and lakes to see, but what about sled dogs or the largest fair on the continent? Whether you are looking for an exciting way to experience the great outdoors or would prefer to chill with a microbrew or a fried taco on a stick, Minneapolis truly has something for everyone.


1. See the Northern Lights

You don't have to travel to Alaska or Greenland to get a glimpse of the aurora borealis. The Northern Lights are quite visible from Minnesota. There are plenty of places to see them, too. In Cook County, they're visible along with the Milky Way over Lake Superior. From Voyageurs National Park along the Canadian border, you might catch a glimpse of a meteor shower, too. Or, head to the Northwest Angle, the northernmost point in the continental US. When planning a trip to Minnesota, it is worth scheduling time to see this natural wonder.

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis JackVandenHeuvel / Getty Images

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