From Atlanta, the bustling cultural capital and sporting center, to the grunting alligators in the Okefenokee Swamp, there’s plenty of things to see and do in the peachy state of Georgia. The best times to visit are May, June, and September. The imposing Blue Ridge Mountains have scenic byways that wind through forests and over hills and dales. From mid-May to the end of July, hatchling turtles toddle down beaches to the ocean for the first time. The Peach State is delightful.


1. Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta

This fantastic aquarium is the largest in the Western Hemisphere and second largest in the world. Several thousand species and more than 100,000 marine animals populate the 10-million gallons of fresh and sea waters. A 13-foot wingspan manta ray seemingly glides effortlessly by the glass. Whale sharks, beluga whales, and playful bottlenose dolphins also vie for attention. Visit the Dolphin Stadium for an entertaining ‘look-at-me’ show. Walk beneath the North American fish tank for a unique view. Don’t miss the spirited display of South Pacific tropical fish.

manta ray South Pacific whales

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