Mention New York and what springs to mind for most of us is New York City. It's Manhattan and Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty. But there's more to New York State than the five boroughs. One of the state's most underrated cities even lies just 62 miles from our northern neighbor, Canada. Buffalo is famed for its proximity to Niagara Falls, however, there's actually so many things to do in Buffalo NY that have nothing to do with the falls. It’s called the “City of Good Neighbors” for a reason!


1. Stroll Around the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

What is there more glorious for a trip to any American city without a glance at its nature? Found in Buffalo's South Park, the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is a living museum dedicated to maintaining our human connection to the natural world around us. The highlight of the gardens is definitely the glass atrium. Inspired by the now-lost Crystal Palace in London, the house and its surroundings are full of wonder and harmony. As well as just wandering the gardens, there are also plenty of events that take place there. Why not make a day of it?

The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens are botanical gardens located within South Park in Buffalo, New York

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