Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States and is filled with someone of the country's most iconic buildings. From the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian to the National Library, there are countless cultural and historical attractions to experience. However, like any city, D.C. has plenty of quirks and unspoken rules that may not be immediately obvious to visitors. If you're planning a trip to Washington, D.C., be sure to avoid these blunders to help ensure you have a great time.


1. Don't Rely on Cars

Complaining about the traffic in D.C. is a local pastime and for a good reason. City streets can get notoriously snarled, especially around some of the city's biggest attractions. Instead of relying on taxis or trying to drive yourself around, try to plan your itinerary so that you can walk or take public transportation as much as possible. Just be sure to stick to the right on escalators if you plan on standing still. Locals are notoriously strict about enforcing that unspoken rule.

United States Capitol and the Senate Building, Washington DC USA Pgiam / Getty Images

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