There is no shortage of things to do in Pennsylvania. Opportunities are rich and varied for anyone fortunate enough to travel here. History is never far away with such significant sights as the world famous Liberty Bell and of course, the Gettysburg Battlefield. Or you might like the plentiful verdant vistas and forests which are always a draw for nature lovers.


1. Liberty Bell

The world-famous Liberty Bell tells a story 250 years old going back to the days of British rule, but perhaps that communicates a message of the human liberty that transcends time. Remember that to see the bell you don't need tickets, whereas you do for Independence Hall. It was originally forged in Whitechapel, London in 1751 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Charter of Pennsylvania in 1701. The bell made the long transatlantic journey on board the Myrtilla along with eight other bells. It has turned into an instantly recognizable symbol of freedom. According to tradition, the bell rang out on July 8, 1776, calling the citizens to gather and hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence which outlined the rights and freedoms held up as a universal standard of decency today for all freedom-loving nations.

Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia

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