Moving to a city with a lower cost of living will help your nest egg last longer. Or perhaps you're young and just starting your career path. You anticipate living on an entry-level salary and don't want to scrimp too much. You can also raise a family without breaking the bank if you move to a part of the country where you're not living beyond your means. Whatever the reason, it's time to check out the most affordable cities for relocating where your dollars can stretch further.


10. Cincinnati, Ohio

Spend much less on rent, buying a home, and most of life's necessities if you live in Cincinnati. If you're seeking a job in a cheap place to live, Cincinnati is home to 23 major corporations and businesses, plus it has over 30 colleges and universities to choose from.

Sports fans will love cheering on football's Cincinnati Bengals and baseball's Reds teams. Cultural attractions include the Taft Museum of Art, the Cincinnati Operate Company and great Shakespearean theatre.


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