Surfing has been an integral part of life in Santa Cruz, California, since all the way back in the 19th century when this charming coastal town became one of the first places on the mainland United States to embrace the sport. The laid-back surfer lifestyle has gone on to influence every aspect of life in Santa Cruz, making it a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing vacation. If you're looking for more than just hanging out at the beach, don't worry. Santa Cruz has plenty of other things to do as well.


1. Visit the Boardwalk

No visit to Santa Cruz would be complete without a visit to its historic boardwalk. This festive area has been operating as an amusement park for more than 100 years, and it features two rides that are designated as National Historic Landmarks. It also features many more modern rides and games, as well as classic carnival foods like corn dogs and cotton candy. The boardwalk is free to enter, but rides and games have additional costs.

Dude matched the jumpsuit to the ride. Fresh. Photo by Cody Hiscox on Unsplash

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