In the 19th century, healing baths were all the rage. Visitors flocked to areas known for their warm, therapeutic waters. One popular destination was the town of Hot Springs, Arkansas, named for its natural thermal baths. While hot springs may not attract quite the same crowds they once did, modern visitors still rave about the charms of this small southern town. You'll find natural wonders, contemporary entertainment, and relaxing spas among the diverse mix of things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


1. Stroll Along Bathhouse Row

Bathhouse Row was once the main attraction at Hot Springs, and it's still worth a visit today. Take a dip at one of the eight real bathhouses scattered along the street, including historic ones that date back to the 1800s. If you don't feel like a soak, you'll still find plenty to do amidst the eye-catching architecture, local boutiques, and unique restaurants.


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