America, the grand experiment, is a land of explorers and immigrants. For hundreds of years, our ancestors came to this land in hopes of fresh starts and new beginnings. For over five hundred years, these cities have been a place of living, working, and building a home for the people who founded them. Every city has its own unique voice and story, and whether you're a fan of history or are looking to make your own history, explore the oldest cities in America.


1. St. Augustine, Florida

The oldest continually inhabited city in America is St Augustine, in Florida. On August 28, 1565, the feast day of San Agustin, Spanish admiral Pedro Menendez spotted the land and claimed it for Spain. St Augustine, as it would become known, was the capital of Spanish Florida for over two centuries.

Today, St Augustine is a recognized tourist spot and heritage site. Once you've had your fill of visiting the historic landmarks, you can also indulge in some quintessential Florida Fun. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park is a little piece of history in its own right. It opened on May 20, 1893, and is one of Florida's oldest continuously running attractions.

St. Augustine, Florida, USA city hall and Alcazar Courtyard

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