Originally called the Launch Operation Center, the site was renamed to honor the former US President in 1963. The Kennedy Space Center is under the jurisdiction of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA). The center has been the main base of operations for NASA since 1968. It is where manned space flights launch from, including the former Apollo and retired Space Shuttle program.

Still a working NASA base, areas of the Kennedy Center are accessible to the public. There are tours and opportunities to learn about the history and scientific achievements that have expanded humanity out towards the stars.


1. Where Is The Space Center?

Kennedy Space Center is in Florida between Jacksonville and Miami. The site is on Merrit Island and covers 219 square miles. Merrit Island is a restricted area to ensure the safety of the center. Because of this, the island has become an important wildlife sanctuary. As less than 10 percent of Merrit Island is occupied by NASA, the remaining area is now home to various animal species including the endangered Florida Panther and iconic bald eagle.

As the center is just an hour drive away from the major tourist hub of Orlando, the Space Center has become part of the itinerary for thousands of visitors every year.

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