Tennessee is a state with a rich history and areas of immense beauty. Its flag represents its three geographic regions, each of which has something unique to offer. East Tennessee contains towering mountain peaks, which are among the tallest in the world. Middle Tennessee has lush green landscapes that stretch into the horizon. West Tennessee contains lower and flatter lands but is just as beautiful. Tennessee’s state parks are scattered across the state. Not only does this allow visitors to get a glimpse of each region’s majesty, but it also allows them to enjoy a specific landscape to the fullest.


1. Radnor Lake State Park

In 1914, a railway company built a lake and then handed it over for public use almost 60 years later. Now, that lake is the centerpiece of Radnor Lake State Park. Visitors would never be able to guess that any part of the area is artificial, as wildlife skirt through the trees and brush. Six miles of trails weave around Radnor Lake, providing ample opportunity to enjoy the greenery around you. Beavers, otters, and turtles are all common sights on the lake, while the bird center is a popular destination for avian lovers.

radnor lake sunrise FilzFotoz / Getty Images

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