As far as memorable family vacations go, Disneyland gets all of the credit. That's fair enough, but there are also loads of other options around California that make for a vacation your kids will remember forever. One of the best is the San Diego Zoo. Remember the first time you went to a zoo as a kid? Exactly! When it opened, the San Diego Zoo was a cageless exhibit and now, has more than 3,500 animals in its premises. With so much to explore, the San Diego Zoo will open up a lifetime of lasting memories.


1. Wear Comfortable Sneakers or Walking Shoes

The San Diego Zoo is huge. It covers roughly 100 acres, which is bigger than the United States Capitol in DC. What that means is you're going to be walking - a lot. As well as its massive size, because it's full of more natural enclosures for the animals, it's also a well of hills and valleys. If you're not climbing, you're going to be walking. Therefore, you're also going to need to wear comfortable shoes. The last memory you want of your day isn't going to be aching feet. Sneakers, especially those with special soles, are ideal. If anyone in your party has trouble walking, you can always rent a wheelchair or electric scooter. However, you'll need to get there early.

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