When most people think of Indianapolis, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the Indy 500 annual car racing event. And not much beyond that. But Indiana’s largest city is so much more than just a racetrack. Indy, as its residents affectionately call it, might not have the sweeping skylines or the bustling population of flashier metropolises; but it is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in America, in its own understated way. With its perfect amalgamation of towering skyscrapers and natural beauty, Indianapolis is full of surprises and definitely worth visiting in your lifetime.


1. Spare some time for duckpin bowling

First popularized on the east coast in the early 1900s, duckpin bowling has all but fizzled out. Yet the game still survives and thrives in all its old school glory in Indianapolis’ Fountain Square Theater Building, which devotes two of its floors to it. Duckpin bowling balls are slightly smaller than softballs and have no finger holes, and the pins are short and squat, making this vintage version of bowling slightly more challenging than traditional ten-pin. For this reason, bowlers are generously allowed three frames instead of the usual two.

Red bowling ball is making a strike on wooden lane

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