Zurich, Switzerland brings together beautiful mountains, sparkling water and a deep sense of history going back centuries. The town was founded by the Romans a bit over 2,000 years ago. Recent excavations show evidence of settlement even before that over 6,400 years ago. This rich history makes it an amazing town for history buffs, even for the Rathaus or city hall which only dates back to the late 1600s. As the largest city in Switzerland outdoor activities from hiking to boating are easy to find.


1. Banking City with Pre-Medieval History

Zurich's Old Town or Altstadt gives a sense of history that you can explore for hours while offering plenty of shopping and sightseeing right on the tram line. One of the oldest buildings, from 1260, is home to the restaurant Kaiser's Reblaube, worth a visit for traditional Swiss food. The restaurant was once the bedroom of writer, statesman and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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