Once you have ticked off the Great American must-sees, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon, what's left to get excited about? Well, don't fear as the US is packed full of weird and wonderful roadside attractions.

People decided to make giant food-themed monuments to local specialties to get people to pull over on long road trips.

For fans of weird American culture, there are shrines to food along all the big highways. A brief spot certainly livens up a dull drive.


1. The World's Oldest Ham, VA

Cured on July the 7th, 1902, the oldest world's ham is said to be still edible. But don't try and take a bite out of it - the museum staff won't appreciate it, and the ham will likely be rather tough to chew.

Owned by Gwaltney Foods, the ham was lost in storage then rediscovered twenty years later. Pembroke Gwaltney Jr. took the ham to expositions to prove how effective their curing was. Jr called it his Pet Ham and made a brass collar for it.

Kept in a roadside museum in Smithfield, Virginia, the ham has something of a cult following. The ham has its own Twitter account, and there's even a live-streaming ham-cam so you can keep up with whatever 100-year-old hams do all day.

World's oldest ham

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