As the "Horse Capital of the World," Lexington and horses go hand-in-hand, but there's far more to this picturesque Kentucky town than derbies and race courses. Occasionally overlooked for Louisville, Lexington is a beautiful spot for all kinds of getaway from romantic to family. With more rustic charm than it knows what to do with, stunning revival plantations, and lush meadows, there are more things to do in Lexington, KY than first meets the eye.


1. Dine On a Classic Southern Brisket

If you should know anything about Southerners, it's that every one of them stakes its claim as having the best barbecue this side of the Mississippi. As far as the Blue Door Smokehouse in Lexington is anything to go by, however, we'd say those other states have one heck of a mountain to climb. The Blue Door isn't just Lexington legend; it's Kentucky legend. It's a tiny, 26-seater hole-in-the-wall joint with barbecue so good there's rarely a spare seat in the house. If you love you some BBQ, you'll love you some Blue Door brisket.

Smoke meats bbq southern style

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