St. Louis, Missouri, has been called the easternmost Western city, and the westernmost Eastern city. This blending of the best of American cultures has made St. Louis into a fascinating and exciting city to visit. The people of St. Louis have worked hard to make their city a fun, safe, and visitor-friendly place, and a vacation to St. Louis can easily be filled with free and low-cost activities and events. Even a family on a budget can find free and cheap things to do in St. Louis!


1. The Arch

Although the Arch is St. Louis' most famous landmark, the term doesn't just refer to the giant metal structure looming over the Mississippi River. First, there are the grounds, which are the site of dozens of city festivals and celebrations. Most notably, Fair St. Louis, beginning every year on the 4th of July, includes live music, vendors, and multiple activities for people of all ages, all for free, except for anything you buy from a booth.

Inside the Arch is the free Museum of Westward Expansion, which includes artifacts, photographs, films, and displays from a century of American movement across the continent. Finally, you can take a tram to the very top of the Arch. If you get the Tram & Cruise Combo, you get a ride to the top and a steamboat cruise up the Mississippi River for one low price.

arch St. Louis pawel.gaul / Getty Images


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