Indiana is one of the most interesting states in the Midwest. The northern border of the state is on Lake Michigan while the southern topography is rugged and somewhat mountainous. Indianapolis has a lot to offer those who prefer their vacations to be a little more metropolitan. But, there are beach getaways and mountain escapes as well. When planning a visit to Indiana, there is plenty to see and do no matter what you are looking for.


1. Indianapolis

Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and serves as the capital. It is located in the middle of the state, so it is a good place to start exploring. There is plenty to do here for families, history buffs, art lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and sports fans alike. Plus, Indianapolis is quickly becoming one of the top culinary scenes in the Midwest. There are award-winning restaurants like St. Elmo Steak House, as well as burger bars, delis, farm-to-table restaurants, wine bars, and much, much more.

Downtown Indianapolis City8. Ron and Patty Thomas / Getty Images

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