A livable city is one in which you can breathe, literally and figuratively. They’ve got to have fresh air to breath as well as room to breath. You'll find all the cities on this list have got pollution under control and gorgeous open city spaces. As European cities, nearly all of these are on a river and have plenty of history. They also have places to be yourself besides your home, which in many cases can be somewhat compact. The city itself is an extension of your living space, so let’s talk about which ones do so with the best style.


1. Berlin

Berlin has been transforming itself since the fall of the Wall in 1992. It has a new energy and of course, as the new German capital the city, incorporates both sides in a new wall-free identity. Qualities like 'hip and funky' combine with 'business-friendly', 'creative' and 'culturally rich' to make up one unique city. There's lots of open space, a great zoo, excellent transit, and bike mobility. Berlin is a family-friendly city as well as a high-energy home for young people and a comfortable place for seniors to enjoy their retirement.

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