Dallas and Austin aren't the only cities that Texas has to offer. One of its best is the island city of Galveston, which is so much more than it seems. Galveston is more than "just" on the Gulf Coast and more than "just" cruises; it's actually an excellent family vacation spot with unique attractions you won't find anywhere else. It's a captivating place to visit at all times of the year; you can swim in the beautiful waters, marvel at the Moody Gardens, or just go on an adventure to discover all of the wonderful things to do in Galveston.


1. Roam the Moody Gardens Pyramids

Despite their name, the Moody Gardens are actually responsible for bringing a lot of joy to their visitors. Whether you're staying onsite at the Moody Gardens hotel, admiring its glass pyramids from afar, or exploring the rainforest, aquarium, and history contained within them. Each pyramid has its own unique pull; from the aquarium tunnels where you can watch sealife from under the sea and the overgrown foliage of the rainforest. The rainforest pyramid even has its own corpse flower for you to meet, Morticia, who only blooms once every 20 years.

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