Rooftop drinking in New York City has become the new brunch. Unlike disappointing, hangover-inducing bottomless mimosas with an hour-long-wait, these bars will let you pick your own poison, and the hangover is up to you based on the choices that you make. While Manhattan has its share of brilliant rooftop drinking opportunities what many of these bars miss is a view of the fantastic Manhattan skyline. When in Manhattan it's quite easy to obscure your view of its skyline because you're simply to close to it or your view is obstructed by the building a couple of blocks down when you're a part of the skyline.


1. Pine Bar and Grill (Bronx)

Brooklyn and Queens are getting easier to find something ridiculously overpriced with a line to enter. The Pine Bar & Grill in the Bronx gives a brilliant view of nothing but sky, brunch without a line and a $22 lobster. This place will remind you of Manhattan in the 80s (price wise) with a contemporary-minded interior designer.


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