Austin should never be compared to Portland. Yes, each is college towns and a little full of themselves while beautiful in their own right. But, the hippy-dippy nonsense that Portland is famous for can't exist in Texas. In Austin, a vegan may very well have a gun rack in their truck. Visiting Austin, TX is an adventure and one that you should both look forward to ahead of your arrival and again when you have pledged to return.


1. Breakfast Tacos

The adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is made considerably less a chore and something fun to do when you realize that tacos are, indeed, breakfast food. There is no city in the world where this is embraced more than Austin, Texas. Many conversations can be had about who serves the best breakfast taco, and no answer is correct. Whether a Tex-Mex creation of BBQ and flour tortillas or simple beans, cheese and eggs, Austin appreciates the flour tortilla fuel, you'll need to get through a day of adventure and sightseeing.


LauriPatterson / Getty Images


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