Want to find the most beautiful, sun-soaked beaches in North America? One of the best destinations for a relaxing, fun beach vacation is Fort Myers, Florida, located less than a hundred miles south of Tampa. Fort Myers averages 271 days of sunshine per year. Rainy days are usually from June to September when brief thunderstorms pass through. Fort Myers was founded in 1866 as a trading post for nearby Seminole Indians. As the town grew, it drew such American icons as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, whose winter homes are now open to the public.


1. Visit the Edison Ford Estate

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford built their winter homes adjacent to each other in Fort Myers at the turn of the 20th century. For the inventor and the industrialist, the houses were more than a respite from northern winters; they also featured a laboratory and workshop where the two men tinkered endlessly. The Edison Ford Estate is now 21 acres housing a museum and botanical garden, which contains trees and plants from all over the world.

Fort Myers

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