Whether you know Oregon from its Trail or Portlandia, you should also know that some of the best things to do in Portland are free. Portland is Oregon's biggest city. Conscious of its effect on the environment and its residents, it's one of the greenest cities in the world. So much so, Portlandians eat green - at their famous farmer's markets. In Portland, you're more likely to see people cycling than driving. Walking is also huge in Portland, and understandably so. There are so many beautiful forest walks and parks scattered around the city to visit.


1. Walk Through Forest Park

Just outside of Portland, in the Tualatin Mountains, is Forest Park. Stretching for 8 miles, over 5,000 acres, Forest Park is one of the biggest urban forest reserves in the country. With more than 70 miles of trails for people of all ability levels to explore, the beauty of Oregon is rampant in this beautiful park. It truly gives you a feel of the state without having to wander too far from Portland. In part overlooking the Willamette River, the park's pure beauty will steal your heart. Bird watchers will also be in their element and should bring their binoculars. You never know what incredible species you'll see.


Morgan Somers / Getty Images


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