Houston is a city with large cultural appeal. The museums in this city cover a variety of topics. You might choose to visit one museum every day; however, some places might not take as long as others.

When you are planning your visit, consider choosing accommodations close to the museum district. This increases the number of museums you can visit during your trip to Houston, since you won't have a lengthy commute.


1. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is open seven days a week, but it closed on major holidays. The museum features a permanent collection that includes various types of art from all over the world. These are created by 15 curatorial departments, each with a different specialty.

The exhibitions at the museum change periodically. They include paintings, sculptures and other forms of art focused on a single theme. There is also a film option for people who enjoy seeing works from around the world.

People usually spend more than three hours here to ensure they see everything. Plan accordingly, so you don't feel rushed.

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