The capital city of California, Sacramento is regarded as one of America’s most diverse cities. Filled with natural, historic, and cultural attractions, Sacramento brims with things to see and do. The city boasts a long and rich history in association with its indigenous populations, Spanish settlements, and the famed Gold Rush at nearby Sutter’s Mill. Sacramento is home to world-renowned healthcare centers and universities. As the seat of the state’s government, the city gets visits from political leaders as well as vacationers.


1. Marvel at Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

After gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill, the fort on the property was abandoned. Today, the house is house a museum that features period furnishings and implements used by gold seekers. An important part of the state’s history, the California discovery of gold in 1848 opened the territory up to mass settlement. Many visitors to Sacramento enjoy visiting this historic landmark to learn about the state’s spectacular past.

Fort State Historic Park

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