The largest city in Georgia, Atlanta is also the state’s capital and economic center. Founded as a transportation hub in 1837, Atlanta continues to be a major center for global transportation. In fact, its main airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, is considered the busiest in the world. Transportation aside, this major city boasts a wide array of attractions. There’s always something to do in Atlanta, and the following ten are among the best and most exciting options.


1. Take in the National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Atlanta’s National Center for Civil and Human Rights features exhibits that highlight the American Civil Rights Movement and the struggle for human rights that has occurred elsewhere in the world like South Africa. The center boasts many interactive exhibits as well as collects speeches, newscasts, and other mediums that chronicle civil rights history. Located in downtown Atlanta, the center is an inspiring venue to visit. Besides its permanent exhibits, the center also features temporary exhibits that you won’t want to miss when you’re in town.


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