There's nothing more American than a delicious, juicy hamburger. Whether you love smothering your burger with all the toppings or you're a purist who wants the best, most succulent, high-quality beef patty you can find, there's something incredibly satisfying about finding your ideal hamburger and enjoying every last bite. If you're on a mission to find that paragon of burgers, here are ten places you need to try. Try not to drool as you read about the delicious hamburgers at each of these spots.


1. The Soul Burger at Earnestine and Hazel's

Memphis is world-famous for Beale Street and blues. It's full of hot summer days and even hotter nights spent out at dive bars enjoying the sultry sounds of jazz, R&B, and country music all mingled together. Add one more thing Memphis is famous for to this list - the Soul Burger at Earnestine and Hazel's, a "juke joint" sometimes called the most haunted bar in America. It's worth an encounter with a ghost to try this classic diner-style burger cooked up fresh and hot each night over a flattop grill. Don't forget a slice of American cheese.

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