Buckingham Palace is one of the world's most recognizable landmarks, famous across the globe for both its glamour and its rich history. One of the few remaining working palaces in the world, the splendid structure is considered one of Britain's national treasures. Every year, 15 million tourists flock to London to catch a glimpse of the stately royal residence, making it the capital's most popular tourist attraction by a large margin. Every summer, many rooms of the palace are open to the public.


1. Who lives at Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace is more than just a tourist attraction⁠—since 1837, it has been the London home of many members of the British royal family. Many royals have private apartments in the palace, using it as their base whenever they're in the capital. The first monarch to reside at the palace was Queen Victoria. Today, it's the primary Royal residence of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Other royals who have apartments in the palace include Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Wessex, Prince Andrew, and the Queen's daughter, Princess Anne. The palace is also home to over 800 members of staff, including a flagman, a fendersmith, and a clockmaker to keep all 350 of the palace's clocks and watches in tip-top shape.

Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom Photo by Debbie Fan on Unsplash

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