If Europe is the center of classical history, then Germany is its core. This is a country with baroque and Romanesque influenced cities and acres of forest that seemingly goes on forever. Germany is the country that inspired Grimm’s Fairy Tales and its towering castles, and timber villages only show that further. This is the land on which Hansel and Gretel tricked the wicked witch; where Little Red Riding Hood visited her grandma and Rapunzel threw down her hair. There are many things to do in Germany, all of which are unmissable. Really, who needs Disney World?


1. Visit the Renowned Cologne Cathedral

Cologne is one of the largest cities in Germany, and the town itself dates back 2,000 years. It's also the Rhine region's cultural hub, with more galleries per square mile than anywhere in the world except for New York City. Most importantly, Cologne's unreal skyline is dominated by the Gothic towers of Cologne Cathedral. The Cathedral is the third-tallest in the world and the beacon of why the Catholic Church dubbed Cologne a "Holy City." You can visit the Cathedral throughout the year as it opens at 6 am on weekdays. Visitors can also take a guided tour across its roofs which provides incredible panoramas of Germany's warmest city.

cologne cathedral Ultima_Gaina / Getty Images

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