There are few experiences as thrilling as leaping off a bridge and hurtling hundreds of feet toward the ground, secured exclusively by a powerful rubber band. Bungee jumping is one of the most accessible and exhilarating things that a traveling adventurer could try. There is nothing like the feeling of your heart beating out of your chest as your stomach seems to lodge itself in your throat. Falling faster than most cars drive is a life-changing and visceral experience.

Not only do you get to experience the adrenaline-pumping thrill of the fall, but many bungee jumping sites sit in the middle of some of Earth's most stunning locales. The only thing that could beat a bungee jump is leaping and watching the towering mountains blur away as you accelerate towards a winding river, hundreds of feet below you. If you're a person who loves thrills but is also looking to take in scenic locations, bungee jumping is the perfect choice.


1. The Kawarau Bridge

New Zealand has many claims to fame but is particularly proud to be the homeland of commercial bungee jumping. Over 30 years ago, A. J. Hackett leaped off Auckland's Greenhithe Bridge using a custom rubber cord. This marked the beginning of a lifelong career in bungee jumping as he would open the world's first commercial bungee jump. The bridge is shorter than most bungee jumping locations at 140 feet, making it perfect for a beginner to try bungee jumping for the first time.

Bungee jumping at Kawarau Bridge Martin Vlnas / Getty Images


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